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DJ's for your Wedding Entertainment

High Quality, with Great Affordability

Part of what makes us different is the amount of service we offer to each and every request we receive, yet at the same time offering an affordable cost to help ease your budget concerns.

We are able to do this because we are a small business that has, as the consumer, been in your shoes on numerous occasions. We also have experience from the other side of things, including serving food and beverage at functions, providing security, entertainment, and managing organizational aspects. By combining this experience we offer a total package of organization, clarity, and affordability. We strive to make your event completely worry-free.

This means that correspondence sent to you isn’t from a generated account, but from an individual who will address your specific concerns, and likely would also be the one providing entertainment to your event! This individual will carry top of the line entertainment equipment to suit your needs, and then go above and beyond.

While, unfortunately due to our size (that ensures personality), this means that we can only accept a certain amount of bookings. For those who do book with us, we look forward to your event. Congratulations, and blessings in the future.


Josh Fortier

Owner, Northern Lights Audio

One Comment

  1. Thank you thank you thank you!

    The night went off without a hitch! The guests are asking for your info, so I have forwarded it along. Definately got the value that Chris and I were looking for in a DJ.

    Can you send me the game you did? My brother is having a Stag in a few weeks and it would be hilarious to play.

    Thanks again! Hope to see you soon.

    Jess + Chris Abraham
    Hamilton, March 29th

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